Top 7 Best Bushcraft Gloves | 2021 Reviews (Hestra, Kinco)

If you are considering getting some bushcraft worthy objects for your kit, the best bushcraft gloves should always be included. The best gloves are essential for every survival enthusiast. It will be a good companion for whatever outdoor adventure you have in mind, which can keep you comfortable even in unpredictable and harsh weather conditions. The best bushcraft gloves can also keep your hands covered and safe no matter what, whether you are building a fire or chopping wood.

Check out the best bushcraft gloves reviewed to provide your hands with a guaranteed warmth, protection, and dexterity to get comfortable, work, and survive in the wilderness no matter what the environment is.

Top 7 Best Bushcraft Gloves in Review

A great and reliable pair of gloves is something that you should get if you are planning to bushcraft. The quality of the gloves can make or break your bushcraft adventure. The best bushcraft gloves can offer warmth during the cold weather or protection when you are handling sharp and delicate objects.

With all the choices of gloves in the market, it can often be tricky to find the best one for your needs. And while there aren’t any gloves that have been specifically designed for bushcraft or survival in the wild, there are different glove types that will work perfectly.

If you are searching for the best bushcraft gloves that can take care of your hand no matter what the climate or weather condition is and doesn’t have the time to read the entire article, here’s a summary of the best bushcraft gloves depending on your needs.

  1. Hestra Falt Guide Leather Gloves – Best Overall Bushcraft Gloves
  2. Kinco Leather Gloves with Knit Wrist – Best Affordable Bushcraft Gloves
  3. Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves – Best Bushcraft Gloves for Extra Protection
  4. RefrigiWear Fleece Lined Fiberfill Leather Mittens – Best for Warmth
  5. Wells Lamont Hi-Dexterity Leather Work Gloves – Best for Rough Work
  6. Midwest American Made Buffalo Leather Gloves – Best for Dexterity
  7. S. Military Arctic Mitts – Best High-End Gloves

#1. Hestra Falt Guide Leather Gloves – Best Overall Bushcraft Gloves

Hestra Falt Guide Leather Gloves


  • Impregnated Cowhide and Army Leather goatskin palm
  • Removable wool terrycloth liner
  • 80% wool terry cloth

The Helstra Falt Guide Leather gloves are excellent work gloves that would be ideal for a lot of bushcraft activities. And while they are mostly marketed as ski gloves, it can be very functional and dependable in the wild as they are on the slopes. This leather glove is made with a combination of premium impregnated cowhide and Army Leather goatskin palm area to offer the best durability possible.

These gloves also come with a removable wool terrycloth lining, which offers a great deal of warmth that is perfect for the cold and winter season. This removable lining is very insulating and comes with moisture-wicking properties as well. And while the Helstra Falt Guide isn’t 100% waterproof, it features water-resistant to protect your hands during a sudden downpour or from the snow.

Further, the gloves come equipped with an eyelet as well as a separate carabiner. This feature allows you to clip the gloves on your belt or your backpack. And while the Helstra Falt Guide might belong at the top end of the budget, the features and quality it offers are worth the investment. Plus, the name of the gloves came from the leading survival expert in Sweden, Lars Falt, who also helped design and build the gloves.

And since the Helstra Falt Guide is made with all-natural materials, cleaning them might require extra care. But overall, you get the best of what you are paying, and the features make this one the best bushcraft gloves.

Excellent insulation design with removable wool liner
Needs special care when washing
Designed and created by a survival expert
A bit expensive
With eyelet and a carabiner attachment
Supple and comfortable to wear
Waterproof and windproof

#2. Kinco Leather Gloves with Knit Wrist – Best Affordable Bushcraft Gloves

Kinco Leather Gloves with Knit Wrist


  • Buffalo leather material
  • Cotton blend canvas upper
  • Signature Heatkeep Thermal Insulation

Kinco Leather Gloves offers the best features at a very affordable price. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get reliable bushcraft gloves, and this pair is a testament to that. The Kinco Leather Gloves is built with quality materials, offers a good amount of dexterity and comfortability.

This pair of gloves are made using blended cotton canvas fabric and grain pigskin leather. The blended material for the Kinco Leather Gloves gives it the needed breathability to keep your hands comfortable, cool, and dry. The premium leather material, on the other hand, adds tear-resistance features and durability to its overall design. The Kinco Leather Gloves also features a pigskin knuckle strap, which adds a barrier for your hands against abrasions.

Moreover, for such an affordable price, you get both excellent durability and dexterity from this pair of gloves. The design of the Kinco Leather Gloves using premium quality materials already makes it tough and heavy-duty. But there’s more. The gloves also come with a wrap-around design for the index finger to make sure that there will be no loose seams or threads, especially in high-rub areas. This pair of gloves was built to last.

The seamless angled wing design of the gloves in the thumb area provides extra comfort to your hands and prevents skin irritation and blisters as well. Also, the Kinco Leather Gloves features an ultra-comfortable and form-fitting cuff made using elastic knit fabric. The snug fit of the cuff helps keep your hands retain warmth and keep outside debris and dirt at bay.

Further, the gloves boast a special insulation feature, its Heatkeep Thermal Insulation. This laminated material comes with a soft inner lining for extra comfort along with its excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Designed with premium leather for wear areas
The leather material needs waterproofing
Includes Nikwax Waterproofing Wax
Soft and comfortable inner lining
Offers good dexterity
Great value for money

#3. Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves – Best for Extra Protection

Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves


  • Heavy-Duty DuraClad fabric
  • TPR cuff puller
  • Hybrid cuff system

You don’t have to break the bank to get the best bushcraft gloves that could protect your hands no matter what the situation outdoors is. The Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves can be your dependable companion when doing bushcraft activities. It is a great value for your investment if you want to get maximum protection from abrasion while still giving you the best tactile feel and excellent dexterity to continue with whatever it is you are doing.

These gloves come with a special feature, the DuraClad fabric that acts as its reinforcements on common wear areas. Compared to synthetic leathers, the DuraClad fabric provided up to eight times more strength and durability. Overall, the Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves is designed to outperform and outlast most of the bushcraft gloves in the market.

Aside from its special fabric reinforcement, this pair of gloves also come with extra thermoplastic rubber to provide the best knuckle protection. This design feature also makes the gloves more impact resistant. Moreover, the gloves feature a thumb sweat wipe for the back of the thumb made of terry cloth, which is very convenient when things get heavy and hot when doing bushcraft.

Other design features that make the Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves one of the best bushcraft gloves in the market are its smart TPR cuff puller and hybrid cuff system. This pair provides you a secure fit and a quick way to wear the gloves without so much as a worry about tears, abrasions, or damage.

Designed with rubber knuckle protectionNo waterproofing properties
Offers excellent abrasion protection
Designed with a hybrid cuff system
With terrycloth thumb sweat wipe
With quick-release safety feature

#4. RefrigiWear Fleece Lined Fiberfill Leather Mittens – Best for Warmth

RefrigiWear Fleece Lined Fiberfill Leather Mittens


  • Split cowhide construction
  • PVC abrasion pads
  • 100g fiberfill plus double foam insulation
  • Tricot fleece lining

If you plan to go out to do your favorite bushcraft activities, one of the things you should never forget is to bring a reliable pair of gloves to protect your hands. Especially when you do bushcraft in cold weather, it is necessary to get the warmers bushcraft gloves possible, so you prevent your hand from freezing over. Bushcraft gloves like the RefrigiWear Fleece Lined Fiberfill Leather Mittens keep your hands warm while also protecting it from injuries when you do the mots rugged tasks in the wilderness.

These leather mittens feature an impressive insulation features, doubling the amount of warmth you get from most bushcraft gloves. It boasts a combination of 100 grams of fiberfill and double foam insulation for ultimate warmth for your hands. The gloves come with a tricot fleece lining as well that keeps your hands comfortable at the same time.

The RefrigiWear Leather Mittens also boasted a safety and sealed cuff designed with heavy-duty knit construction to extend the warmth of the gloves from your hands to your wrists.

But an excellent amount of warmth isn’t the only thing that this pair of gloves can offer. It also features a heavy-duty quality to protect your hands from doing some rough work in the wild. The gloves provide proper grip and are very lightweight that makes it one of the best bushcraft gloves in ant weather conditions.

Offers excellent warmth for cold weatherMaterial is thick and often bulky
Proper protection from the cold
Designed with sealed wrist area
Made from durable materials
With a breathable feature

#5. Wells Lamont Hi-Dexterity Leather Work Gloves – Best for Rough Work

Wells Lamont Hi-Dexterity Leather Work Gloves


  • Stretchy spandex back
  • Grain leather palm, first finger, thumb, and fingertips
  • Neoprene insert knuckle pads

One of the common choices for the best bushcraft gloves for a lot of enthusiasts and hobbyists is the Wells Lamont Hi-Dexterity Leather Work Gloves. This pair is high-rated and features a top-notch quality of stretchy spandex fabric to offer a comfy and snug fit. It also comes with flexible pigskin leather patches that act as reinforcements on heavy-wear areas such as at the fingertips, palm, and thumb.

This pair of impressive gloves boast a deerskin leather fabric in the palm area combined with stretchy spandex at the back. Together, these materials come with flexibility, durability, and breathability, all in a pair of gloves. The overall design of the gloves creates a form-fitting but ultra-comfortable grip, the best bushcraft gloves for protection without sacrificing dexterity.

The gloves also feature neoprene knuckle inserts to add protection and impact-resistance. Plus, the gloves are equipped with a Velcro wrist closure for a snug fit to keep debris, dirt, and insects out.

Overall, the Wells Lamont Work Gloves is ideal for use in a lot of outdoor work situations such as construction, carpentry, roofing, gardening, carrying large items, stacking woods, and all your bushcraft activities.

Designed with reinforced pigskin leather on common wear areas
Leather needs extra care when cleaning
Equipped with a light neoprene padding inserts on knuckle areas
With a snug and comfortable fit
Affordable but high quality
With Velcro wrist closure

#6. Midwest American Made Buffalo Leather Gloves – Best for Dexterity

Midwest American Made Buffalo Leather Gloves


  • 100% Genuine American Buffalo skin
  • Unlined
  • Sheared elastic hemmed cuff

When you are doing bushcraft, you must keep your hands protected. However, it is equally necessary that you leave your hands with the amount of agility or dexterity to do bushcraft things like tying a knot or picking things up without so much of a problem. In that case, you’ll need the best bushcraft gloves that provide excellent dexterity without sacrificing protection like the Midwest American Made Buffalo Leather Gloves.

This pair of gloves gives you the best bushcraft capabilities. It’s durable enough to allow you to do tough outdoor works while being thin enough to allow still you to pick up small items. The Midwest Leather Gloves boasts an excellent amount of dexterity and protection, which is mainly because of its material of choice. The gloves use 100% genuine American buffalo skin, which is much softer than cowhide leather that most bushcraft gloves are made of. In short, using this pair of gloves will not restrict the movements of your hand and fingers, especially because it is unlined as well.

These gloves are also ideal for use in outdoor sports and activities that requires a good amount of grips like spring skiing, cycling, chopping woods, and gardening.

Unique thumb design for great comfort
No touchscreen capability
Made of tough and durable materials
No lining for better dexterity
With gathered wrists
Affordable pricing

#7. US Military Arctic Mitts – Best High-End Bushcraft Gloves

US Military Arctic Mitts


  • Genuine Air Force Flyer mitts
  • Quality Leather palm
  • 100% Alpaca pile inner lining
  • 100% grey wool inner liner
  • Blended wool and fur back
  • Flame retardant

There is nothing better than says genuine bushcraft items than a stamp from the Air Force, like in this US Military Arctic Mitts. This pair of gloves are genuine Air Force Flyers mittens, so they are designed to withstand even the coldest of weather. The Air Force approval that comes with its name guarantees that this pair will be suitable for whatever climate or bushcraft activity you can throw at them.

These Military Arctic Mitts are made with extreme comfort and warmth in mind with its 100% Alpaca pile combined with 100% grey wool inners. It has natural moisture-wicking properties and dries quickly after washing them. Moreover, the gloves come with a wool and nylon pile covering at the back you can use to warm your face. It comes with very long cuffs as well, which excellently keeps the snow and wind from giving you chills.

Overall, this pair of gloves are windproof and waterproof with enough breathability to offer. It can protect your hands even in extreme weather conditions.

With long cinched cuffs for harsh weather conditions
No touchscreen capacity
With face warmers at the back part of the mitt
Waterproof, windproof, and breathable
Designed with Air Force standards
With 64 inches shoulder cord

Top Pick – Best Bushcraft Gloves

Ultimately, when choosing the best bushcraft gloves, there isn’t one that would be perfect for all. However, when a certain glove can offer most, if not all, of what you need from a dependable glove when doing bushcraft, that would be a great choice.

When it comes to the best bushcraft gloves, the Helstra Falt Guide Leather gloves are simply brilliant. The combination of its materials, especially the impregnated cowhide leather and the impregnated Army Leather goatskin, makes the glove as durable as the best bushcraft gloves should be. The removable wool terry cloth is also excellent for offering comfort, insulation, and moisture-wicking. With a solid design, you’ll never get something better than the Helstra Falt Guide Leather gloves that can offer excellent bushcraft worthy qualities.

Types of Gloves Ideal for Bushcraft Use

While there aren’t specifically made gloves for bushcraft, there are various types of gloves that will work perfectly depending on your preferred activities. Here are some kinds of gloves that will work well for bushcraft adventures.

#1. Leather Work Gloves

Leather work gloves are one of the popular and common choices for those who bushcraft. This type of gloves is usually made of durable and thick materials. Leathers are also water-resistant and offer excellent protection against scrapes, cuts, abrasion, and other potential dangers to your hands.

Leather work gloves also provide a decent grip and good enough protection during cooler temperatures. However, leather alone doesn’t have insulation for winter. In that case, leather work gloves with insulated lining will work great.

#2. Hunting Gloves

Hunting gloves are already designed to withstand the common problems that people might experience in the outdoors, which makes it an excellent choice as bushcraft gloves. This type of gloves offers warmth and insulation, which is essential during cold climates in the wild. They also offer a great amount of dexterity, which helps keep you doing whatever it is you are doing. Hunting gloves are usually water-resistant as well. However, they are not often designed to survive constant use like bushcraft gloves should be. So, hunting gloves may wear or rip over time, but quality materials and combination with other rip-resistant fabric will balance it out.

#3. Tactical Gloves

It is another well-known choice for bushcraft gloves. Tactical gloves are designed for survival scenarios, and they offer a lot of bushcraft worthy features such as waterproofing, padding for comfort, a good amount of dexterity, and a good grip. A lot of tactical gloves, mostly depending on the quality, also offer good durability and some warmth. Overall, this type of gloves is often an excellent choice for all-around bushcraft activities.

#4. Mechanic Gloves

One might think that mechanic gloves are as far as any glove can get when it comes to the best bushcraft gloves for the outdoors. However, this type of gloves have features that are beneficial for bushcraft activities. Mechanic gloves are usually designed to protect the hands, first and foremost. They are also extremely durable to withstand the common handling and motions of mechanics. Which often involves chopping and sawing. Mechanic gloves are generally padded and thick as well but offer a good amount of grip, so there is enough dexterity to do common bushcraft skills like knot tying. The only drawback in this type of gloves is they are rarely designed with any insulation.

#5. Insulated Leather Mittens

Insulated leather mittens are the best option if you are looking for the best bushcraft gloves that provide excellent protection during harsh cold weather. However, mittens are not known or offering good dexterity. As bushcraft gloves, insulated leather mittens are ideal for sleeping, hiking, handling firewood, and other bushcraft activities that require very little dexterity.

#6. Wool Gloves

When it comes to glove materials or fabric, wool offers the best warmth, even when they are soaking wet. This kind of dexterity also provides decent dexterity and water resistance feature. Wool gloves make a great choice for bushcraft gloves during the winter. However, this kind of gloves doesn’t usually include pads and doesn’t have the best grip to offer as well.

Types of Gloves to Avoid

While some types of gloves will make the best bushcraft gloves, there are also some that you should avoid.

#1. Jersey/Cotton Gloves

Jersey and cotton gloves come with a lot of dexterity. However, that is the only feature they can offer, and when it comes to the best bushcraft gloves, you need more features than that. This type of gloves are very thin and tears easily, so they can’t protect your hands as much as you need them to. Moreover, this kind of fabric easily absorbs water and offers little to no warmth.

#2. Ski Gloves

Ski gloves are waterproof and offer excellent warmth to your hands. However, aside from those two things, they offer minimal benefits for bushcraft activities. This type of gloves can be durable, but not enough to withstand the constant use when doing bushcraft. They offer very little dexterity as well.

How to Choose Bushcraft Gloves for Different Purposes

There is no single bushcraft glove that is ideal for everyone at all times. The key to finding the best bushcraft gloves is to base it on your purpose and bushcraft goals.

Here are some guidelines for choosing the ideal pair of gloves, depending on your needs when doing your favorite bushcraft activities.

#1. Best Bushcraft Gloves for Insulation and Warmth

Especially if you are constantly doing bushcraft during the cold season, a pair of gloves that offer insulation should be the top of your list. In this case, natural materials like wool will be the ideal choice. Wool is the warmest of all glove materials. However, other types of gloves that feature excellent insulating features will work great too.

When choosing the best bushcraft gloves for warmth and insulation, it is essential to consider the cuff length as well. A longer cuff in gloves will help keep the snow away from your skin.

#2. Best Bushcraft Gloves for Durability

When selecting for durability, it often comes down to the materials used and the building design of the gloves. A tough grade of quality leather-like suede or cowhide is among the best options for this.

#3. Best Bushcraft Gloves for Agility

When buying the best bushcraft gloves for agility when doing some of the common bushcraft activities like knot tying or picking up your water bottle, you need to get a pair of gloves that’s very flexible and not very thick. Gloves that come with soft leather material in the palm area usually offer more dexterity compared to those made with thick leather materials.

#4. Best Bushcraft Gloves for Sports

When choosing dependable bushcraft gloves, you need to find a pair that comes with flexibility, durability, and protection against sharp rocks, especially when you are rock climbing. Leather gloves are usually the best option for this as long as they are not very bulkily designed.

6 Things the Best Bushcraft Gloves Should Do

It is important to keep your hand protected when doing bushcraft. When buying the best bushcraft gloves, here are some features that a pair of gloves should be able to provide your hands.

#1. Protect Hands from Abrasion

When doing bushcraft, you are constantly using your hands. In that case, it needs the best protection from scrapes and cuts, especially when you are handling wood and sharp materials. The best bushcraft gloves should cover your entire hands and are thick enough to protect it from having blisters, splinters, or thorns.

#2. Offer Durability

Especially when it comes to bushcraft gloves, you’d want something that can withstand the daily grind of being in the outdoors. It has to be durable and strong enough against the common bushcraft wear and tear. Leather gloves and others made of thick fabrics usually offer great durability.

#3. Keep the Hands Warm

If you tend to do bushcraft during the winter, then the best pair of gloves for your needs should have enough insulation to keep your hands warm. Even during the spring and summer season, there are sometimes cold nights, and having well-insulated gloves will be ideal.

#4. Must Provide Dexterity/Agility

A lot of bushcraft activities will require you to use your hands, such as setting snares, woodworking, or tying knots. In that case, the best bushcraft gloves shouldn’t impact your dexterity.

#5. Grip

The best bushcraft gloves should also offer excellent grip since you are most likely going to use your hands a lot when outdoors.

#6. Should be Water Resistant and Waterproof

The ideal pair of gloves should be able to protect your hands at all costs. And one of the easiest routes to getting frostbit when you are outdoors is allowing your hands to get wet. And while it is rare to find waterproof gloves without breaking the bank, the best bushcraft gloves should offer at least a water-resistant feature. This way, you will be able to work with your hands when doing bushcraft, even in wet conditions.


As you can see, there is an endless choice when picking from bushcraft gloves for your survival kit. There are different types available, styles, and various glove materials you can choose from. There are also countless features you need to consider when buying bushcraft gloves. But ultimately, the best bushcraft gloves will be one that gives you the most protection and comfort when you are doing bushcraft activities at any time of the year. For that, our best choice is the Helstra Falt Guide Leather gloves, as it can provide most of what you need from the best bushcraft gloves like quality material to last a long time, insulation and warmth, comfortability, a good amount of dexterity, waterproofing, and overall protection for your hands.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What bushcraft gloves are the best for winter?

A: When it comes to doing bushcraft during winter, you need something that could protect yours from frostbit. It means the best pair of gloves should be waterproof or water-resistant and has excellent insulation. Gloves made of wool fabric are usually the warmest, which is excellent for winter use.

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