Top 9 Best Survival Whistles | 2021 Reviews (Coghlan’s)

If you’re going on a long and tough trip like camping or hiking, you should always be prepared by bringing your essentials. An important survival item useful for these situations is a whistle that can alert people with the farthest reach possible to get their attention. 

Look for the best survival whistles offered in the market today that will best fit your needs. You never know the time when the need for this essential tool arises. Keep one of these whistles close to your body, regularly, for it can save you or another person’s life.

Dive in the list below the best survival whistles we could find for you, guaranteeing your security for emergencies. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the best ones, would you?  

Top 9 Best Survival Whistles Reviewed

  1. Coghlan's Function Whistle – Best Overall
  2. LuxoGear Emergency Whistles – Best Value
  3. Micro Scream Whistle by Frog & Co. – Editor’s Choice
  4. Michael Josh Outdoor Loudest Emergency Survival Whistles 
  5. HyperWhistle The Original Worlds Loudest Whistle 
  6. Storm Alert Whistle 
  7. Coleman 5-In-1 Survival Whistle 
  8. Fox 40 Classic CMG (Cushioned Mouth Grip) 
  9. Screaming Aztec Death Whistle (Obsidian Black)

#1. Coghlan's Function Whistle – Best Overall

Coghlan's Function Whistle

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  • One-hole whistle
  • Material: hard plastic
  • Loudness: shrill, ear-piercing
  • Six functions

This pealess shrill-sounding whistle has multifunctional properties that will be extremely useful for your next outdoor activity. It can save you from emergencies and unlikely situations, making you feel secure for your adventurous excursions. You can find your way back to safety and call for help or attention when the need arises.

This whistle has a built-in compass that can guide you for your trails or map-reading. Aside from its shrill sounding whistle, it also features a signal mirror to get visual attention from other people such as rescuers. 

If you ever end up alone in the wilderness, you can even use the mirror or its built-in magnifier to start a small fire, sourcing heat from the sun. You can also use the magnifier to insect your map or inspect other materials you might deem useful in the middle of nowhere to help you survive.

It has an LED to aid you when the environment gets dim or stuck in a dark place. You can easily move around and find your things even when the sun’s out. Finally, a thermometer is also added to its features for measuring temperatures to gauge your safety and be more prepared and aware of your surroundings.

Its six in one function is squeezed into this lightweight gear that maximizes your safety if, for some reason, you get lost. It can also be useful for your regular activities and is compact enough to be carried around without hassle. 

A lanyard and clip come with this product, which you can hang, tie on a holder, or clip on a secure part of your clothing. You can easily grab it, and it would be hard to leave it at home. This survival whistle will not only save you from imminent danger but can also aid you in doing regular tasks, making it the ultimate buddy that you can keep for your everyday use. 

Can also be used for regular activities due to extra featuresClip’s durability can be improved to prevent losing the item
Produces a shrill sound perfect for emergencies
Relatively pricier than simpler whistles
Has a lanyard and clip for easy attachment
Require batteries for other functions
Multifunctional yet compact
Not waterproof

#2. LuxoGear Emergency Whistles – Best Value

LuxoGear Emergency Whistles

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  • Double-tubed whistle
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Loudness: 120dB
  • Single function

This dual chambered survival whistle can be heard from a mile away. It maximizes the distance for you to reach more people and make them aware of your location. It cannot be overblown, making it a great survival whistle, with a fixed 120dB loudness.

Its pealess design makes no obstructions that can jam your whistle, break, or freeze it. It’s designed to be simple and solid, yet powerful to serve its purpose of getting help and attention at a maximum distance.

This product comes with a reflected clip and lanyard with high visibility in the dark, preventing you from losing it even if you dropped it in a dark place. You can easily pick it up from a dark room or find it in your bag fast.

Its material is made from ABS plastic that is more durable than cheap soft plastic ones that can easily break if you step on it. It has a complete waterproof resistance, allowing it to function even if you got it wet. You can store it conveniently and carry it around with ease due to its small compact body.

Outdoor activities like camping, hunting, and hiking will be perfect for this whistle. Some buyers also use this survival whistle for sporting events and dog training. Its simple design, durability, and dependable functions make it popular among buyers in the market.

The manufacturers of this survival whistle also give a worry-free warranty and lifetime support. Their customer service will be happy to assist you with concerns and questions regarding their product. 

Has great warranty and customer service
Regular use without ear protection hurts the ears and may damage your hearing
Reflective lanyard makes it easy to spot
Single function
Very loud, made for emergencies
Simple and compact
Easy to carry around

#3. Micro Scream Whistle by Frog & Co. – Editor’s Choice

Micro Scream Whistle by Frog & Co.

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  • Double-tubed whistle
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Loudness: 100dB
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Single function

This simple and easy to puff survival whistle gives the ultimate service even for people who have a hard time breathing and exhausting forceful air for their whistle to work. You can be relieved of the stress of huffing and exhausting too much effort, especially in situations when your breathing is limited or constricted.

It will be easy to use for kids to distract their attacker and alert rescue teams immediately. It is lightweight and compact enough to be easily carried around. Its flat design will make it less distracting against your skin when you put it in your pocket or place it on a flat surface. 

This little pocket whistle only weighs 0.2oz, guaranteeing that it will not weigh you and your storage down, as if it isn’t there. However, it is made of tough ABS plastic, making it durable, rugged, and reliable. Its non-corroding feature will make it long-lasting and dependable no matter what situations you put it through.

Its pea-less design gives no obstructions and distracting rattling while you move. It won’t jam and can work in every weather condition. This small but terrible tool is simple and cheap. You can buy one guilt-free from your budget and even purchase some more for your friends and family. 

Small and flat design gives convenient storage and carrying around
Small and flat lightweight body can be displaced and misplaced easily
Convenient for any weather condition
Design looks like a toy compatible with kids
Produce a loud sound with less effort
Better if bought with a lanyard
Durable, long-lasting material
Single function
No distracting obstructions

#4. Michael Josh Outdoor Loudest Emergency Survival Whistles

Michael Josh Outdoor Loudest Emergency Survival Whistles

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  • Double-tubed whistle
  • Material: aluminum steel
  • Loudness: 150dB
  • Weight: 3oz
  • Single function

This extremely loud whistle can be heard from the farthest distance a whistle can reach. It is made from stainless steel that ensures this whistle’s durability. You can trust this worthy companion to help you get the immediate rescue you need in emergencies with its far reach.

It has good environmental adaptability with no built-it pea to prevent mold and bacteria from gathering due to the pea. It is dirt and water-resistant, making it effective for any kind of situation. 

This product will give you two pieces of whistles, and each comes with a keyring, a carabiner keychain, and a lanyard, making it easy to bring and carry around anywhere. You can keep one whistle in your home or office and another to be always attached to your body. You can choose to fix it on an item you regularly take to make it accessible and less likely to get misplaced.

Its aluminum steel design gives a sleek, clean look that can match your style than other plastic toy-looking whistles that you might be uncomfortable to be seen hanging with you. It is also easy to clean and are crack-resistant, making them more durable and convenient than plastic ones. 

Most buyers use these for camping, hiking, sporting activities, and dog training. You can use it as an accessory for your regular activities for added style while ensuring your safety anywhere you go. Amazingly, it is offered at a reasonable price that is at par with the average-looking plastic whistle alternatives. 

Comes with a versatile and durable lanyard, ring, and clip attachments
Can be difficult to handle in extremely cold or hot temperature conditions due to its steel conducting material
Durable than plastic alternatives, crack-resistant
May damage hearing if used regularly without care for your ears
Louder than most whistles
Steel material might irritate the lips
Has a sleek, elegant look
Dirt and water-resistant
Buy one, take one

#5. HyperWhistle The Original Worlds Loudest Whistle

HyperWhistle The Original Worlds Loudest Whistle

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  • Double-tubed whistle
  • Material: plastic
  • Loudness: 142dB
  • Weight: 0.7oz
  • Single function

This loud and uniquely designed survival whistle can get you through emergencies and life-threatening events. Unlike other whistle products that overrate their decibel capacities, this whistle crisply places its limit to 142dB, creating the loudest noise for a whistle to reach distances of more than two miles.

The manufacturers considered your ears’ safety, placing reusable ear protectors to safeguard your ears from this whistle’s loud sound. It also comes with an easy-clip neck lanyard, allowing you to carry and grab it anywhere you go easily.

Its relatively large design will make this whistle difficult to misplace and lose in narrow spaces. It is made of durable plastic material that floats on water, making it hard to lose. 

You can use this loud whistle to scare off bears and other wild animals, making it a perfect companion for your adventurous excursions and other outdoor activities. It can catch aggressive people off guard and scare dangerous people away from you while alarming the cops.

If you’re looking for an extremely loud whistle, perfectly covering large distances and scaring off wild creatures for your last resort, this emergency whistle can save you. 

Extremely loud, perfect for an emergency or survival whistle
Not for everyday use due to its very loud sound
Requires effort to produce the loudest sound
A pricier choice for a single functioning whistle
Comes with an ear protector and a lanyardToo big for convenience
Big design makes it hard to misplace
Floats on water

#6. Storm Alert Whistle

Storm Alert Whistle

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  • Double-tubed whistle
  • Material: plastic
  • Loudness: 106dB
  • Dual function – for land and underwater

When you get underwater, there is a little to no chance that you can still alert anyone with your whistle. This whistle eliminates this limit as it can loudly alert and produce a loud sound even when you’re already 50ft underwater!

It has a solid plastic material that is shaped with unique angular shapes, designed for easier hold. It won’t easily slip out of your hands as you hold it effortlessly balanced on your hand. It has a unique sounding chamber that forces out all water when you blow this whistle.

This product is explicitly made in the USA as engraved in its material, ideal for those who put their loyalty in USA products. It guarantees a safe plastic yet durable material that you can trust.

If you’re looking for a unique patented designed whistle product from the USA constructed to whistle underwater, this is for you. 

Durable and safe plastic material
Best used with a lanyard as it doesn’t float on water
Easy to hold shape and design
Relatively big for carrying around for convenience
Loud even underwater

#7. Coleman 5-In-1 Survival Whistle

Coleman 5-In-1 Survival Whistle

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  • Single-tubed whistle
  • Material: plastic
  • Weight: 1.76oz
  • Five functions

Boy scouts and girl scouts will love this multifunctional survival whistle as it can aid them in their adventure-seeking escapades. Explorers will also love its useful features that can help you go through survival and emergencies. Your companions will be surprised with your preparedness in unlikely yet important situations.

It has a waterproof compartment where you can put in some matches that you can light with a fire starter flint present in this whistle. You can also put more lightweight and compact essential things in this compartment to prevent them from getting wet.

You’ll have a sense of direction with the help of this whistle’s built-in liquid-filled, luminous dial compass. It can guide you out of the confusing foliage, especially if you have a map to get you out of the dangerous wilderness. Its signal mirror will also help rescuers to find you easily.

–You can have your peace of mind as you carry this survival whistle with its attached lanyard hanging on your neck for easy access. Its different features will help you survive your adventurous trips with your creative and adventurous personality. 

Has a waterproof compartment
Questionable durability of lanyard and plastic material
Will help you find your way
Looks like a toy
Portable campfire maker
Easy to carry around

#8. Fox 40 Classic CMG (Cushioned Mouth Grip)

Fox 40 Classic CMG (Cushioned Mouth Grip)

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  • Double-tubed whistle
  • Material: ABS plastic with rubber
  • Loudness: 115dB
  • Single function

Fox 40 is well-known for its classic whistles that have been circulating the market for the longest time. You can have more control of your whistling loudness with this Fox 40’s whistle that can reach up to 115dB. The harder you blow, the louder the sound it produces, unlike other whistles with a fixed noise.

A rubber grip covers its mouth to give a more secure a firm hold for your mouth, preventing your lips from uncomfortably slipping over the edge. It eliminates the pea, creating a high-pitched, penetrating omnidirectional sound with no obstructions or rattling that can be distracting.

This trusted survival whistle is proven to give an effective performance as it is being patronized by different sports organizations worldwide, including NFL, NCAA, NBA, CFL FIBA, and FIFA.

If you are looking for a more controlled whistle that offers a firm cushioning mouthpiece for your comfort, you will love this traditionally shaped whistle! 

Proven performance by well-known organizationsOther cheaper options for a single-function survival whistle
Reaches and produces loud whistles
Requires effort to produce the loudest sounds
No rattling pea obstructions
Controlled whistling

#9. Screaming Aztec Death Whistle (Obsidian Black)

Screaming Aztec Death Whistle (Obsidian Black)

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  • Multi-chambered whistle
  • Material: stonecast ceramic
  • Custom function

This death whistle barely made it to this list as it has long been forgotten since the Ancient Aztecs. If you are curious and love untraditional, unique, or antique items, you will find this survival whistle interesting.

Ancient Aztecs use this whistle as a terrifying instrument of religion and war. They use this whistle to survive by blowing it during wars to create fear and horror, making their enemies dreadfully run away while dropping their weapons in terror. This tool is a multi-chambered whistle that is carefully handcrafted to emit a scream that mimics a woman’s shrill scream like she’s in extreme pain and agony. 

This whistle can echo and reach far distances to catch anyone’s attention due to its loud and unique sound. Aztec High Priests used to blow these to summon wind spirits and control their people, who are cowering in wonder and respect.

This survival whistle of the Aztecs is now sold and accessible for everyone’s use and is being designed by authentic Mexican artists using modern techniques to create the loudest, most horrifying sounds possible. It’s up to you if you think you can handle this powerful and historical survival death whistle. 

Produces a loud unconventional sound that would catch anyone’s attention
Non-traditional survival whistle and archaic
Can be used for Halloween or other entertainment purposesLarge and fragile
Artistically designed

Top Pick – Best Survival Whistle

The Coghlan’s Function Whistle is the ultimate survival whistle that you can use for emergencies and your regular activities. Many verified purchasers from Amazon vouch for its great performance and claim that they were happy with their purchase. 

Having multiple functions made this survival whistle earned the top spot among all other survival whistles. Its features are extremely useful, especially if you lost your way in the woods and need an immediate rescue for some reason.

This survival whistle has great features that largely weigh out its cons. Other survival whistles have unique features that you might be interested in as well. It’s best to know your specific needs to find the best-fit survival whistle for you. You can read a Buyer’s Guide below to help you have a background in matching your needs with the best survival whistles in the market today.

Buyer’s Guide: Noteworthy Features to Look for When Buying the Best Survival Whistle for You

Ergonomic Design

Survival whistles are made to have multiple, usually double chambers or tubes to produce a louder sound. It should also be lightweight and preferably has a flat or compact shape for easily storing and carrying it with you. Some have special design features to make them easier to handle and avoid inconvenient slippage for your hands or mouth.

Great survival whistles are pealess, making your whistle sound more solid with no obstructions and distracting rattling sounds as you move it around.


Survival whistles function as alerting tools that should reach far distances so rescuers would immediately find and extend some help for you. A great survival whistle should produce at least 100dB, reaching at least a mile to get more people’s attention. 

Some also use loud survival whistles to distract attackers that threaten their life, such as criminals and wild animals. It can cause confusion or intimidation, making them lose focus or run eventually away from you while you alert the cops.

Durable Material

Most lightweight yet dependable whistles are made of durable ABS plastic or steel alloy. Plastic whistles give more ease in carrying them around and are insulated from the cold or hot temperatures, making it easier for you to blow on them.

Some prefer metal aluminum steel whistles with a sleeker and more elegant look than plastics that mostly look like toys. However, some don’t prefer metal material for their conductive property that may irritate your lips or your skin, especially when it’s exposed to cold or hot temperatures. 

Ease of Carrying

Lightweight and small-framed survival whistles are easier to carry around. It will help if they have a compatible lanyard or keychain attached to them so you can hang it on your neck or attach it to some item that you mostly keep close to you so they can be accessible and useful for you when the need for them arises. 

Great Reviews with High Ratings

If you are meticulous in choosing your products before buying them, you will read some reviews from verified purchasers who’ve already tried the product. That way, you can truly assess what features are lacking and what makes the product a good buy. You would know that it’s a great product if it sells like hot cakes in the market and garnering many great reviews. You might as well give it a try. 

Reasonably Priced

When you compare the different products in the market, you can see what features they can offer and what sets them apart from the other products. If you saw one survival whistle product that performs just as great as the other products sold at a higher price, then you must pick it over the others for a good deal. 

You should also select a survival whistle package that fits your budget. It would be better if the product offers complimentary items that will go with your whistles, such as lanyards, rings, or clips. You can let go of other negotiable features such as the added comfort, convenience, and its beautiful style or design if you’re short on your budget, as long as it meets the basic and most important features that a survival whistle has. 

Remember not to compromise your product’s material’s quality and durability, as it can be more costly in the long run. Retain its loudness, durability, and other useful properties such as water and dirt resistance.


Survival whistles are useful in many situations for your outdoor sporting and adventurous activities like camping. It is especially essential for life-threatening trips far from your home. It can give you peace of mind and secure you for emergencies so you can get help immediately.

Different survival whistles are now being offered in the market today. Luckily, a ready-made list has already been made for you for the best survival whistles offered in the market. The Coghlan’s Function Whistle made it to the top of the list among the best survival whistles due to its affordable price yet good performance features proven by verified purchasers to be effective and serve its purpose.

Other survival whistles proceeding the Coghlan’s Function Whistle are also the best ones in the market that offers unique and special features that you may prefer and find to best fit your specific needs for your regular activities.

Knowing the features to look for when choosing the survival whistle would help you get the satisfaction you’re looking for in your purchase. You should now be equipped enough to know what you’re looking for if you’ve already read the buyer’s guide for the best survival whistles above.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are peas in survival whistles for?

Survival whistles are designed to make you heard so you can be rescued. However, for typhoons or hurricane emergencies, your whistle may be mistaken as the whistling of the strong winds. The pea inside the whistle will make a distinct trill sound, distinguishing it from the strong wind whistles’ sound. Rescuers will recognize its distinct sound and can eventually come to your rescue.

What patterns can I use when blowing my survival whistle to signal an emergency?

A pattern that is most recognized around the world and considered the easiest one is three-blasts. It is known as the signal for distress. Produce three loud short blasts on your whistle, approximately lasting three seconds for each. 

If you’re more ambitious and can withstand longer bursts, you can do the SOS signal internationally recognized as a call for help. It is based on a Morse Code that signals that you’re facing extreme distress. Three short bursts can make this signal, approximately one second long, followed by three longer bursts, approximately three seconds for each, then end with three short bursts again.

Will survival whistles ruin my eardrums?

Well-designed whistles eject their sound waves forward. It can be loud on your end but not received as loud for those at the front. Some extremely loud whistles provide hearing protection to care for the user’s ears. You can test the whistle’s sound projection before buying it to ensure that it won’t harm your hearing.

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