Top 8 Best Tactical Umbrella | 2021 Reviews (Unbreakable)

Human life is fragile, and people only have one chance to live. You will never know when something bad will happen to you. One of the worst ways for your life to be at risk is to be at the intruder’s mercy. 

Because of this, it is important to be vigilant and to be prepared. You can take your pepper spray with your, or your gun or knife.

Face it. You cannot take all these tools with you wherever you go. There are places where these weapons are not allowed. 

If this is the case, taking all these tools with you will be useless. 

However, it is different from a tactical umbrella. A tactical umbrella is another weapon that you can use against an attacker. What makes it even better is that you can take it everywhere.

Find out some of the best tactical umbrellas on the market today. 

Top 8 Best Tactical Umbrellas Reviewed

  1. Security Umbrella City-Safe Self-Defense Umbrella – Best Overall
  2. Street Wise Security Products Stunbrella – Best Value
  3. Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella U-212s -Editor’s Choice
  4. Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella U-115
  5. Security Umbrella Men XXL Extra Large
  6. MTech Long Sword Handle Umbrella
  7. Nunchuck Grips Full-Size Umbrella With Pepper Spray
  8. Unbreakable Walking-Stick U-111

#1. Security Umbrella City-Safe Self-Defense Umbrella – Best Overall

Security Umbrella City-Safe Self-Defense Umbrella

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  • Length (inches): 31
  • Weight (pounds): 1.32
  • Diameter (inches): 37.80
  • Handle shape: knob

Suppose your main priority is to take a weapon with you without arousing suspicion. In that case, the Security Umbrella City-Safe Self-Defense Umbrella is one of the best umbrellas to look for. As the name of this model itself states, it is city-safe. You can use it even when you are with the crowd or anywhere else in the city.

It is easy to use. Even a person who does not know any martial arts can benefit from this umbrella with just some swings. You can watch a digital tutorial that you can request after purchasing to make the most out of your purchase.

Although this umbrella looks ordinary, it has a strong core that can impale your assailant.

This umbrella is the shortest model offered by Security Umbrella. The manufacturer designed the City Safe umbrella short to accommodate the needs of some people who frequently walk along with the crowd or pass in tight environments. 

Because of its short length, people who use this can defend themselves from their attackers without hurting anybody else who does not deserve its blows. 

This model is also available in a round hook handle. 

Made from high-quality materials
The stainless tip is weak for self-defense.
Usable in tight environments
Easy to handle
Not heavy

#2. Street Wise Security Products Stunbrella – Best Value

Street Wise Security Products Stunbrella

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  • Length (inches): 10
  • Weight (pounds): 1

Street Wise Security Products Stunbrella is unlike any other tactical umbrellas on these lists. Unlike the others, this model is not usable as an umbrella. It is a stun gun hidden as a folded umbrella.

Although it cannot protect you from the harsh weather, it is excellent to impale your attacker. Its 10-inch length provides an extended reach to keep your distance away from your assailant.

What makes this model even amazing is that it is available at an affordable price. 

With a cheap amount, you have a covert weapon with you that you can take almost everywhere. You can tuck it in your backpack, car, or even walk with it holding it openly with your hand. 

Because of its deceiving appearance, you have an advantage over your attacker because you can use surprise to your benefit. By the time your assailant realizes your weapon, you are already running away from him or her. 

Comes with an LED flashlightNot usable as an umbrella
Rechargeable battery
Comfortable handle
Stun feature

#3. Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella U-212s -Editor’s Choice

Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella U-212s

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  • Extended length (inches):  21.3
  • Retracted length (inches): 13.7
  • Weight (pounds): 1
  • Diameter (inches): 38.2
  • Handle shape: knob

Unbreakable Umbrella is famous for its tactical umbrellas. That is why it is not surprising that they offer a wide range of tactical umbrellas of different styles to accommodate different people’s needs. One of them is the Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella U-212s.

This umbrella is an excellent choice if you want an umbrella that does not draw attention. Because it is telescopic, you can place it inside your jacket or bag. Because of this, you do not have to worry about portability and other people knowing that you are carrying a weapon. 

Unbreakable Umbrellas was designed by Thomas Kurz, an author of various martial-arts products. That is why you can trust the quality of this umbrella when it comes to self-defense.

Aside from its telescopic feature, this umbrella is also lightweight. You do not have to worry about having back pain when you place it in your backpack. 

Despite its size, you can trust that this umbrella is strong enough to defend you because of its strength. It can even break glass because of its screw-in emergency car window breaker, which can be a useful feature when you accidentally left the keys in your car. Note that this umbrella does not come with an adjustable wrench.

Strong enough to break a car window
Not-abrasion proof fabric

#4. Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella U-115

Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella U-115

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  • Length (inches): 37.50 
  • Weight (pounds): 1
  • Diameter (inches): 47
  • Handle shape:  crooked wide
  • Ribs: fiberglass

Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella U-115 works like a walking cane and an umbrella. You can walk along with it without looking funny or feeling awkward. 

This umbrella works like an ordinary umbrella that is capable of protecting a person against the rain. The fabric is made from high-density polyester and is equipped with an anti-UV feature.

What makes this umbrella excellent is that it is strong. If you hit your assailant with this umbrella, it will be as painful as a steel pipe while weighing only one pound.

The weight and portability is the common issue about tactical umbrellas, but this model addresses this issue by weight less than expected. 

When it comes to appearance, you do not have to worry about it. It looks ordinary, and it does not attract attention. Nobody will dare to steal it away from you nor confiscate it.

You will appreciate this umbrella even more if you are already knowledgeable in some forms of martial arts that use baton-like weapons, such as kali and escrima. 

Aside from self-defense, you can also trust this umbrella’s ability to protect you from the harsh weather. It works well under the rain, and it can withstand strong wind.

Can be used as a weapon for martial arts that use clubs and batonsExpensive
High-quality handle

#5. Security Umbrella Men XXL Extra Large

Security Umbrella Men XXL Extra Large

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  • Length (inches): 35
  • Weight (pounds): 1.4
  • Diameter (inches): 51
  • Handle shape: hook

If Security Umbrella has a short, tactical umbrella that can fit a tight environment, it also has a model that tall men will appreciate. It is the Security Umbrella Men XXL. This umbrella is 35-inch long and has a 51-inch diameter.

Because of its length built specifically for tall men, it will never look awkward or funny to those who use it. The handle is also available in two different colors, adding to its aesthetics. It will look good to a tall person without drawing much attention.

Because of the large diameter, you can trust that this umbrella can also protect you from the harsh weather. 

This umbrella is extremely durable. The manufacturer claims that you can stand on it even if your weight is 120 pounds. You can also swing it against a hard object, but it will never break.

Aside from that, this umbrella features an automatic opening. 

You can take it anywhere, and it does not have any extraordinary parts that can draw attention. Its only metal part is the stainless steel tip. 

Excellent for tall people
Extremely durable

#6. MTech Long Sword Handle Umbrella

MTech Long Sword Handle Umbrella

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  • Length (inches): 40
  • Weight (pounds): 1.6
  • Handle shape: sword-like
  • Ribs: fiberglass

It is not advisable to buy a tactical umbrella with a blade in it or the sword itself. However, if you think you can take it in public without drawing much attention or if you do not usually go to highly secured areas that require inspection, this umbrella is an excellent must-have.

If it is the kind of tactical umbrella you need, you should consider the MTech Long Sword Handle Umbrella. Even if you do not want to use it for self-defense in public, it still feels great to own a tactical umbrella with this design. It will make you feel as cool as Harry Hart in the Kingsman movie. 

Whatever the reason for it is, this umbrella will not let you down if you need it for self-defense. Because it is a combination of a weapon and an umbrella, it is also handy in protecting you against the harsh weather.

If you think that this umbrella is publicly revealing as a weapon, it can make an excellent gift for your friends or loved ones. Imagine how you would feel if you received a gift as sleek and cool as this umbrella. Your loved ones will surely love it.

Can be used either as an umbrella or as a weapon
Can put you into legal troubles when it is illegal in your state or if you sneak it in at a highly-secured place
Comes with a bladeNot as covert as other tactical umbrellas
Awesome as gift
Handle is weak
Cool design

#7. Nunchuck Grips Full-Size Umbrella With Pepper Spray

Nunchuck Grips Full-Size Umbrella With Pepper Spray

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  • Length (inches): 34
  • Diameter (inches): 41.5
  • Ribs: fiberglass

If you are looking for a tactical umbrella that comes with a blade or pepper spray, you should consider the Nunchuck Grips Full-Size Umbrella. Its pepper spray accessory is optional. If you want, you can buy the other accessories available, such as the Nunchuck knife and the Nunchuck stash tube.  

You can interchange these accessories depending on your present needs. Because of this feature, it allows you to have more options to be safe outside the safety of your home. 

If you do not have to go to highly secured areas where you can be inspected, you can use either the pepper spray or knife accessory. If you have to go in a highly secured place or if tactical umbrellas with blades are illegal in your country, you can use the stash accessory instead. 

You can use the stash accessory to keep your money secured. If in case hitting your attacker with this umbrella does not work.

What makes this umbrella even better is that the accessories are accessible. With the blade or pepper spray accessory, you only have to push the handle to use it. For the stash accessory, you only have to twist the handle, which is the easiest and most secure way to access your valuables.

Interchangeable accessories
Possibility to push the handle accidentally, which can cause the accessory to fall off, revealing your hidden weapon
Versatile choice of weapons
Quick accessibility

#8. Unbreakable Walking-Stick U-111

Street Wise Security Products Stunbrella

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  • Length (inches): 36.75
  • Weight (pounds): 1
  • Diameter (inches): 47
  • Handle shape:  knob
  • Ribs: fiberglass

Unbreakable Walking-Stick U-111 almost has the same features as the U-115 model, except that this one is shorter and has a straight knob-shaped handle. That is why it is an excellent choice if you like all the features that the U-115 model can give but are looking for a knob handle design convenient for your grip.

Like the other Unbreakable tactical umbrella models, this one can protect you from your assailants and the bad weather. The fabric is made from polyester with an anti-UV feature. The main rod is proprietary composite, and the ribs are made from fiberglass.

This umbrella is also easy to open because of the automatic feature, although you have to close it manually.

Unlike stylish tactical umbrellas, this one is excellent for self-defense because it will never draw any attention. You can carry it even in highly secured areas. 

Can be used as a weapon for martial arts that use clubs and batons
Does not provide the best protection against the bad weather
Slightly cheaper than the U-115 modelNot ergonomic handle
High-quality handle

Top Pick

Security Umbrella City-Safe Self-Defense Umbrella is this review’s top pick. What makes this tactical umbrella different from the others is its short length. This feature allows the user to use it in dire situations, even when the user and the assailant are in the middle of a crowd.

This umbrella enables the user to use the umbrella to hit or keep the distance away from the attacker, without harming anyone else.

It is the type of tactical umbrella built not just for weather protection but also for self-defense. Its hard and durable construction makes it an excellent weapon for self-defense without revealing what it can be as a weapon.

It looks like an ordinary umbrella. Nobody will suspect the other function this umbrella can do.

It does not have any other parts that can attract people’s attention. It can even pass metal detection because its only metal component is the stainless steel tip.

Besides all the functionalities this umbrella can offer, it is convenient to take along with you. It is convenient to handle, and the weight is not heavy.

Some users’ only complaint about this umbrella is the weak stainless tip, a minor issue.

Best Tactical Umbrella Brands

If you do not like any of the suggested models, you might probably find the best tactical umbrella for you if you look from the brands’  website. From there, you can find more models that you might like.

Unbreakable Umbrella

Unbreakable Umbrella is a renowned brand when it comes to tactical umbrellas. The umbrellas being sold by this brand are designed by the famous self-defense expert, trainer, and author Thomas Kurz. That is why you can trust the self-defense expertise incorporated in the brand’s products. 

The Unbreakable Umbrella is from Poland and built for Kurz’s company Never-Thought-of-It, sold in 2004.

This brand takes pride in its high-quality and durable models that cheaper substitutes cannot replace. 

Security Umbrella

Its headquarter is in Hong Kong, but it has a warehouse in California.

This brand’s patrons are martial artists, cops, bodyguards, or other self-defense experts. Even though their usual customers are knowledgeable in the art of self-defense, it does not mean that ordinary individuals cannot use their umbrellas.

According to them, their umbrellas help even out the odds. Attackers pick victims that they think are weaker than them. Using their umbrellas can provide you additional strength to even the odds. 

This brand offers free video training that teaches every move that you can do using their umbrella. 

Nunchuck Grips

Nunchuck Grips is quite new in the industry. They have been around since 2015. 

What is amazing about this brand is that they offer innovative products, which they call Grip products, which offer comfort and practicality. Their umbrellas are different from the others because of the interchangeable accessory feature.

This brand’s mission is to help you go out prepared and safe. 

Why Use a Tactical Umbrella

You might be asking why there is a need for a tactical umbrella. You can buy pepper spray, a knife, or a gun. Although you can buy all these defensive tools, they do not have the advantages that a tactical umbrella can give you.

A pepper spray can be effective for a short time. However, you cannot have access to your bag at all times. It will be risky to reach for it inside your bag, especially if your assailant is conscious of your moves.

The same is true for a gun or a knife, and you cannot take them anywhere with you.

However, the following benefits are what you can expect from a tactical umbrella.


Unlike pepper spray, a tactical umbrella is readily available. You do not have to reach out inside your bag just to use it. 

Tactical umbrellas are hard as a pipe. That is why, compared to ordinary umbrellas, getting hit by a tactical umbrella surely hurts. One or two hits can already create an impaling effect on your assailant.

You can also use the tip to jab or poke your assailant in the eye. By being on the receiving end of the poke, your attacker would take its stainless steel tip seriously.


Unlike knives, pepper spray, and guns, you can take a tactical umbrella almost everywhere. Only a few people are aware of this innovation. That is why nobody will suspect that you are carrying a strong weapon with you.

If you take it to a restaurant, a bus, or a train, you will not receive any worried look among the passengers. They will think that what you have is just an innocent-looking umbrella that will not do them any harm.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Tactical Umbrella

What can only be challenging about tactical umbrellas is that you must know the factors to consider when buying one. A tactical umbrella looks like a regular one, causing you some difficulties in identifying which is it.

By knowing all the factors to consider, you do not have to worry about this problem.


First of all, you want to be able to take your tactical umbrella everywhere. There is no way you can take this umbrella on a train, bus, airplane, or any secured area if it has features that can give away what it is.

It should have a balance between aesthetics and weapon. You do not want it to be beautiful because somebody might take it away from you. You also do not want it to look like a club that can draw suspicion around you.

If your tactical umbrella’s features are overt, your assailant can only ask you to put it down. Worse, the attacker will take it for his or her use.


One of the main considerations when buying a tactical umbrella is that it should be comfortable to handle. It should not be extremely heavy for you, or it should not slip from your hand when you swing it.

Note that you will be using it for self-defense. That is why you must be able to swing it easily when an emergency happens.

Because of this, you should consider having a balance between the weight and convenience of an umbrella. It should be heavy enough to make a serious blow while light enough for you to use and swing it comfortably.

Additionally, buy an umbrella with a horn-shaped handle. This design allows you to secure it easily on your wrist, so it will be convenient for you to carry it.

Blade Feature

Although the blade or sword feature might be attractive initially, you should think twice before purchasing an umbrella having this feature.

First, assess the places that you frequented. If you always find yourself passing or going to secured areas that require security inspection, you will never be able to enter these places. Although you might become successful in hiding this feature, you will have to prepare yourself to face legal troubles once you get caught.

Also, tactical umbrellas that have this feature are illegal in most states. That is why there is a possibility of facing legal trouble by possessing this kind of tactical umbrella. The punishment can be a fine or jail sentence.


A tactical umbrella that is not durable is useless. That is why it is one of what you should consider the most. 

It should not get destroyed after one or two blows. It should look as good as its initial appearance before you use it for self-defense. 


Life is important, and people have only one chance to live. There are several ways when it can be at risk. That is why you want to eliminate some of these dangers by being prepared in dire situations.

One of these ways is to be prepared to defend yourself in case of a fight or robbery. One way that you can be ready in this situation is to use a weapon. The smartest tool that you can use for defense is a tactical umbrella.

Tactical umbrellas do not draw much attention. That is why you can take it almost everywhere. 

There are a few tactical umbrellas that you can buy on the market. What is important is to know what to look for when purchasing the best one for you. 

This review suggests a few that most people love. The most recommended is the Security Umbrella City-Safe Self-Defense Umbrella. It is because this tactical umbrella is usable even when you are in a tight environment. 

It is also strong and durable like an ideal tactical umbrella should be. Aside from self-defense, you can also use it to protect you against the bad weather.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who Should Use a Tactical Umbrella?

Anyone who uses an umbrella can benefit from a tactical umbrella. Unlike ordinary ones, tactical umbrellas are sturdy and durable. It can last a long time of usage. Although it is not as cheap as the regular ones, the price is nothing compared to the long-term benefit it gives. It is also for people who are looking for a covert weapon for self-defense. Unlike knives, pepper spray, and guns, you can take this umbrella anywhere with you. You do not have to worry about it getting confiscated by guards or authorities if you choose the right umbrella.

Is It Wise to Buy a Tactical Umbrella With a Knife or Blade?

As much as possible, do not buy a tactical umbrella with a knife or blade feature. It cannot escape metal detection by authorities. Also, it is illegal in many states. If owning an umbrella with a knife or blade feature is legal in your area, it depends on your decision to buy it. Note that if you want this feature, think in advance about your route and destination. You should not take it with you if you have to go or pass by a highly secured place where you will be inspected for weapons.

Is a Tactical Umbrella an Effective Weapon for Self-Defense?

It depends on your situation. When faced with a dangerous circumstance, evaluate if a tactical umbrella can help you escape or win the situation. If you have two or more attackers, and your winning chance is slim, do not risk your life if you can easily escape alive by giving away your valuables. Your valuables are replaceable but not your life. However, if your attacker has already taken your valuables but still wants to take you somewhere else, it is a sign of malicious intent. You should fight already and do not allow your attacker to take you somewhere else.

What Is the Best Tactical Umbrella?

Only you have a say on what is the best tactical umbrella for you. After all, it is a personal possession. You will be the one who will use it. Because of this, choose an umbrella that has the features that you prefer. It should be convenient to handle, and it should not slip easily from your grip. It should also have the qualities you prefer for self-defense, whether it has a  blade feature or a pepper spray accessory. Figure out if buying a tactical umbrella with pepper spray or blade feature is a good decision.

Can I Use a Tactical Umbrella Even Though I Do Not Know Any Martial Arts?

Anyone can use a tactical umbrella. Although being knowledgeable in some martial arts forms, such as escrima or kali, can put you at a better advantage, it is not needed. A tactical umbrella hurts when you hit someone with it, even if you only swing it on your attacker like a baseball bat. Because it hurts, it can impale your assailant temporarily, giving you a chance to escape or ask for help. However, if simply swinging or hitting is not enough for you, some manufacturers offer free training that you can download to learn.

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