Top 8 Best Tent Stake Hammers | 2021 Reviews (MSR)

Pitching your tent will not be complete without the stakes or pegs that hold it firmly to the ground. You need the best tent stake hammer to do the job and carry it with your hiking and camping trips at ease.Many stake hammers are now being offered in the market. However, the perfect product will always be the one that will cater to your specific needs. Find out more about the best products out there and read our Buyer’s Guide to know which would suit you best.

Dive in the list below the best tent stake hammers we could find for you, guaranteeing sturdy pitching for your tent. You can find the best product that would fit your needs. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the best ones, would you?

Top 8 Best Tent Stake Hammers Reviewed

  1. MSR Tent Stake Hammer – Best Overall
  2. Bessport Tent Hammer Mallet – Editor’s Choice
  3. Texsport Tent Stake Mallet – Best Value
  4. BareFour Camping Hammer Heavy Duty 
  5. REDCAMP Aluminum Camping Hammer with Hook 
  6. Eurmax Aluminum Multi-Function Tent Hammer Stake Remove Mallet 
  7. ABCCANOPY Outdoor Camping Hammer Tent 
  8. Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Ultimate Outdoor Multitool-Hatchet Hammer Saw 

#1. MSR Tent Stake Hammer – Best Overall

MSR Tent Stake Hammer

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  • Length: 11in
  • Material: stainless steelhead
  • Color: Steel gray
  • Weight: 11oz/0.31kg

This stake hammer will be perfect for those who want a light load for their pack, yet a powerful hammer can dig their stakes deep into the ground. Many were surprised by how it can dig stakes into hard ground. You’ll be left wondering how a lightweight hammer can do so much work!

It is engineered to have a balanced swing weight with its heavy-duty stainless-steel head. Apart from driving your tent stakes into the ground, it can also function as a bottle opener. Its handle is light yet sturdy as well.

You won’t have to find the perfect stone to pitch your tent, which can take a lot of time, especially if you camp in an earthy area, making it hard to find a stone strong, tough, and safe enough for you to use for your tent stakes.

This stake hammer also has a sleek spacy plain design, looking simple yet elegant. Its humble length and overall size will fit your tent pack easily. You won’t notice that you have a hammer in your pack.

Verified purchasers on Amazon loved this hammer and left their previously owned mallets aside for this amazingly lightweight yet sturdy and powerful hammer. This hammer is one of the best-selling stake hammers in the market, so this is worth the try!

Balance swing weightBottle opener doesn’t work for some
Elegant design
Compact size

#2. Bessport Tent Hammer Mallet – Editor’s Choice

Bessport Tent Hammer Mallet

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  • Size (in): 5.9 x 14.2 (stuff sack package)
  • Material: high grade carbon steel body
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 360g

You can hammer various kinds of tent pegs with this multifunctional hammer. You can also pull the stakes out using its hole and hook, while utilizing a holding strap to prevent accidental dropping of the hammer for your safety.

This hammer’s handle can be handled with force and will not bend, unlike other aluminum-made handles. Its material from top to bottom is made with a high-grade carbon alloy steel sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant. 

This stake hammer is lightweight and portable enough to be carried for your backpacking travels. It is easy to store and would be perfect for your camping activities. 

This hammer comes with eight compatible stakes upon purchase, made with high-quality forged steel corrosion-resistant. They are made with hooks to prevent the stakes from going too deep. You can use the hole of your stake hammer to loosen the stakes out of the ground.

Together with the hammer, all these items are packaged in a collection bag, making it convenient for you to carry it with you on your trip. It’s also more manageable and easier to distinguish among all your other camping 

With an easy and safe to remove stake featureAn expensive choice
Come with eight compatible stakes
Manageable, great for camping
Durable and cession resistant
Lightweight and portable

#3. Texsport Tent Stake Mallet – Best Value

Texsport Tent Stake Mallet

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  • Length (in): 13 x 4 x 2.5 (package)
  • Material: hard plastic
  • Color: Red
  • Weight: 7oz

If you’re looking for the best budget stake hammer that does the job, here it is! Though it’s made of plastic and is extremely lightweight, it can certainly do the job of digging your tent’s pegs with a little help of force from you. 

This stake hammer is compatible with those who want to pack light. You’ll enjoy its portability as it won’t weigh your pack and give you a painful back. You’ll save more energy for your upslope hiking while keeping this essential tool handy. 

It would even be better to partner this stake hammer with a tent that already has preassembled pegs. These pegs will be easier to dig in the soil or sandy ground. This hammer also has some useful holes on its handle, which can pull out the stakes when it’s time to pack-up the tent.

Many who have purchased this hammer have been satisfied with their purchase. Some even kept a long-lasting service from this hammer lasting for more than ten years. Don’t expect to drive in 48in spikes and other tough metal ones, but you can be happy with it if you’re using small and regular sized stakes. 

You will get more than what you paid for if you know the limitations of this hammer and use it responsibly. You’ll never expect a cheap hammer to do so much for you until you buy this hammer!

Has useful holes for pulling out stakesIncompatible with hard ground 
Extremely lightweightLooks like a cheap toy

#4. BareFour Camping Hammer Heavy Duty

BareFour Camping Hammer Heavy Duty

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  • Size (in): 12.6 x 4.5
  • Material: high-grade cast steel
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.09lbs

This stake hammer has a multifunctional head that can dig in all sorts of tents’ stakes in the tough ground while pulling the stakes out with its hole and hook. You can wear its strap on your wrist, which you can find at the bottom of its handle to avoid accidental dropping.

It is made of heavy-duty high-grade cast steel that can stand the test of time. You can be confident of its sturdy build while it ensures your safety with a rubber grip. Its rubber grip gives you a more steady and firm hold, especially for the winter or sweaty summers, to avoid the handle slipping from your hands.

Its outer black paint prevents the hammer from easily corroding while also giving a simple yet elegant look with its shiny black paint. You can also conveniently hang this hammer on your garage or storage area with its hole on its head or its strap. 

Many have praised its ability to powerfully yank stubborn stakes from the ground due to its strong material and well-engineered design.

Overall, this stake hammer is a powerful force that is lighter than most heavy-duty hammers in the market today, making it a great addition to your tent packing kit. Your friends and family might be borrowing this hammer from you from time to time when their tent stake hammers aren’t powerful enough for their stake and hard ground.

Increased grip stability with the rubber handleHead has some unpolished pits for some
Lighter than most hard-performing hammersExpensive option
Can dig various stakes on hard ground
Strong and heavy-duty material
Great stake remover

#5. REDCAMP Aluminum Camping Hammer with Hook

REDCAMP Aluminum Camping Hammer with Hook

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  • Length: 12in
  • Material: high-carbon steel head, high-quality anodized aluminum handle
  • Color: Blue, black, orange, red
  • Weight: 13.2oz

This tent stake hammer has a durable, high-quality head carbon steel alloy that can powerfully dig stakes on the ground. The opposite side of this stake hammer is designed to have a flat shape for pulling the stakes’ head up and digging soil or other small debris on the ground.

The handle is made of non-corrosive aluminum material that can lengthen the hammer’s life and give you a comfortable grip that comes in four different colors. Your handle can match your color theme with your other camping kit if you are meticulous about your style.

Its multi-use function as a hammer, shovel, spade, and hook, makes this hammer a versatile tool that comes in handy for your outdoor activities. It would be great for various activities as you can bring its lightweight body easily with you. 

REDCAMP offers a one-year warranty for this stake hammer to guarantee your satisfaction. You only must message their customer service, and they promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

Lightweight and non-corrosive handleSmaller than expected for some
Various color choices for the handleOther lighter options
Portable and easy to store
Durable, heavy-duty head
Has a one-year warranty

#6. Eurmax Aluminum Multi-Function Tent Hammer Stake Remove Mallet

Eurmax Outdoor Hiking Camping Aluminum Multi-Function Tent Hammer Stake Remove Mallet

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  • Size: 12in
  • Material: high carbon steel, anodized aluminum handle
  • Color: Black, blue, red, yellow
  • Weight: not stated (lightweight)

This multifunctional stake hammer is made from high carbon steel with an anodized handle, making a durable tool for your outdoor activities such as camping. It comes with ten fit galvanized non-rust stakes, compatible with this stake hammer.

It also functions as a digging tool, with the hammerhead having an electroplated coating that features a 40mm rear flat side that can function as a spade for focused digging. It can also loosen the stakes from the ground by yanking its flat side between the head of the stake and the ground.

As the stakes are loosened from the ground, the hook feature of this hammer located at the opposite side of its handle can pull the stakes out of the ground completely. It will even be easier if the stake’s head is attached to a circular rope for the hook’s easier leverage.

You can choose from the four colors of this stake hammer to match your style or color preference. You can easily bring this light hammer with your tent kit for your next camping trip, as you can count on it for your tent pitching.

Multifunctional hammer and stake removerTakes some skill for an effective stake removal
Lightweight and easy to carry aroundLacks hammer head weight
Comes with ten galvanized stakes
Various color choices

#7. ABCCANOPY Outdoor Camping Hammer Tent

ABCCANOPY Outdoor Camping Hammer Tent

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  • Size (in): 12.44 x 4.76 x 1.54
  • Material: high-intensity iron (head), high-quality anodized iron handle
  • Color: Sleek metal head, black handle
  • Weight: 1.39lbs

Forged with high-quality iron material, this tent stake hammer is sturdy from head to the end of its handle. Its head has a sleek silver look brought by its electroplated coating. Its pounding head is shaped like a gavel, ergonomically designed to push your tent’s pegs deep into the ground.

You can utilize its head not just for hammering pegs but also for digging as the rear side of its head features a 40mm spade-like shape focused on digging. Its rear spade-like head can also be used for uprooting your tent’s stakes from the ground. It is shaped like a hook, making this hammer a multifunctional tool. 

Its handle has an easy-grip design with small strategic casts to give more hold to your hand. Its design gives more friction, preventing accidental slippage. The metal handle also has an attached strap towards the middle body to prevent the hammer from being dropped. These features increase the hammer’s longevity and safety.

This product comes with ten galvanized, non-rust tent peg spikes extending up to 10in. These stakes are durable and made for maximum compatibility with this stake hammer. Overall, this product is offered a great deal due to its cheap price considering its freebies and great features.

Multifunctional for hammering, digging, and pulling out stakesLacks sharp or angular edges for easier digging and more effective stake pulling
Comes with ten durable and compatible stakes
Non-rust durable yet lightweight material
Provides great grip
Maximizes safety

#8. Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Ultimate Outdoor Multitool-Hatchet Hammer Saw

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Ultimate Outdoor Multitool-Hatchet Hammer Saw

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  • Size (in): 11.5 x 5.5 x 1.25
  • Material: synthetic 420 stainless steel and glass filled nylon handle
  • Color: Dark gray
  • Weight: 1.7lbs

This tent stake hammer has maximized its whole body to give multiple functions for your outdoor activities, making it one of the most versatile hammers in the market today. Off Grid Tools provide various camping tools, and they’ve innovated this multifunction tool crafted for the adventurers.

This six-in-one tool includes a hatchet blade, hammer and nail claw, pry bar and nail puller, and replaceable six-inch saw blade, multiple hex wrenches, a bottle opener, and more. Several tools are packed into its head to make the ultimate survival ax or hammer. 

A fully replaceable saw blade is hidden on its side and easily accessible by sliding it out. The base of its handle can also be used as an automobile escape tool. The base of this hammer’s handle a hardened glass breaker and seatbelt cutter. 

You can keep this compact tool in your car’s glove box in case you need to get out of your car in emergencies. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to pack and squeeze in your bag to punch some stakes or chop down some materials useful for your camping trip. 

If you’re looking for a multifunctional stake hammer that can also act as an emergency tool, this would be a great investment for you. You can keep it in your trunk or car glove storage to aid you in any situation, especially for emergencies.

Elegant and complex lookToo expensive for those who want a more specialized tent stake hammer
Compact and lightweightMany functions but master of none
Durable material
Emergency tool 

Top Pick – Best Tent Stake Hammer

The MSR Tent Stake Hammer is the ultimate lightweight hammer that maximizes performance for digging in pegs, even for hard ground. It is compact and easy to carry around, which is a perfect tool you can bring for your camping activities and other outdoor adventures you may want to bring your tent kit.

Many verified purchasers vouch for its great performance and durability. It is one of the bestselling products on Amazon for stake hammers. Its sleek, elegant design also adds more appeal to its whole image. 

Other tent stake hammers in the list also do the job of driving your tent’s pegs into the ground while being lightweight and durable. You can skim through them and, maybe, find a better product that specifically caters to your needs. Many features should be considered when picking the best stake hammer for you. You can read our Buyer’s Guide below to ensure that you get the best out of your purchased product.

Buyer’s Guide: Noteworthy Features to Look for When Buying the Best Tent Stake Hammer for You

Appropriate Size

Tent stake hammers should ideally be compact, lightweight, and manageable to give maximum convenience for carrying around and storing. However, it would be useless if it can’t give the right balance for hammering the head with a very short or exceptionally long handle. 

Find the measurements of the extent of the stake hammer, particularly its length, before buying one. Ensure that the weight of your hammer is balanced with your hammer’s handle for easier handling.

Durable Material

Trusted tent stake hammer manufacturers ensure that their material can last long to serve your outdoor activities for years to come. Some manufacturers would provide a complimentary pack to ensure that your hammer is stored well to increase its longevity. 

The design of your tent stake hammer of choice should match what type of activity or purpose you plan to use it on. Most stake hammers are made with carbon, iron, and other high-grade metal alloys to give a durable finish strong enough to pound any type of stake.


One of the most considerable factors should be the lightweight property of your stake hammer. If you plan to take a trip with your tent on a long trip, you would want a hammer that doesn’t weigh your pack too much. However, remember to balance the durability of its material to its weight. Great tent stake hammers have innovative technology and well-engineered features to give a lightweight property and a powerful, durable material, maintaining a balanced head and handle for hammering.

Easy to Store

Tent stake hammers are made to be compact and easy to pack to be carried anywhere without weighing your load down. A lightweight and compact stake hammer is a must, so you can stack it with your tent kit or squeeze it in your bag. Stake hammers usually have holes and a lanyard attached to them to hang them for easy storage and increased accessibility.

Special Properties

Some stake hammers offer unique features that make them stand out among the regular ones. Buyers might prefer to buy products offered in different colors and designs to choose for their preferred style. Some stake hammers are designed to give a simpler yet more elegant, sleek touch, mostly preferred by buyers.

Other stake hammers offer multifunctional features such as a hook, common for hammers to function as a stake puller. Most also shape the rear part of the hammers head to be flat, designed to dig some soil or yank some debris out of the way.

Specially designed stake hammers are also made to have more features, making them more than just a hammer. Manufacturers also make their stake hammers as an emergency tool, useful for other outdoor activities.

Trusted Brand Product

Buyers usually prefer reputable, well-known brands that manufacture outdoor gears because they trust their established name and long-running business that produces high-quality materials. They rose to fame because of their superior materials and advanced engineering techniques that they have learned throughout the years, making their products unique with special features that make it more convenient. 

However, branded products may be more costly because of their established platform and high-quality materials. Other manufacturers are also rising, offering cheaper yet great performing options that you may want to consider if you are meticulous enough to know their products’ features to ensure that you get what you pay for.

Great Reviews with High Ratings

If you are meticulous in choosing your products before buying them, you will read some reviews from verified purchasers who’ve already tried the product. That way, you can truly assess what features are lacking and what makes the product a good buy. You would know that it’s a great product if it sells like hot cakes in the market and garnering many great reviews. You might as well give it a try. 

Reasonably Priced Within Your Budget

When you compare the different products in the market, you can see what features they can offer and what sets them apart from the other products. If you saw one tent stake hammer product that performs just as great as the other products sold at a higher price, then you must pick it over the others for a good deal. 

You should also select a stake hammer package that fits your budget. You can let go of other negotiable features such as the great style for the aesthetics or elegant look. Remember not to compromise your product material’s quality, effectiveness, and durability, as it can be more costly in the long run. Retain its lightweight, compactness, and durable material forceful enough to drive stakes into the ground yet easy to carry for your outdoor activities.


Tent stake hammers are useful in many situations involving different outdoor activities. It is especially essential for camping trips that mostly need tents for pitching on your overnight trips. A great stake hammer would be lightweight, portable, and durable for them to be easy to carry around and versatile enough to help other tasks.

Different stake hammers are now being offered in the market today. Luckily, a ready-made list has already been made for you for the best stake hammers offered in the market. The MSR Tent Stake Hammer made it to the top of the list for the best stake hammer due to its affordable price, yet good performance features proven by verified purchasers to be effective and serve its purpose.

Other stake hammers in the list proceeding the MSR Tent Stake Hammer are also the best ones in the market that offers unique and special features that you may prefer and find to best fit your specific needs for your regular activities.

Knowing the features to look for when choosing your tent stake hammer would help get the satisfaction you’re looking for in your purchase. You should now be equipped enough to know what you’re looking for if you’ve already read the buyer’s guide for the best tent stake hammers above.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I safely and effectively hammer my tent stakes into the ground?

To prevent breaking your hammer and stakes, you can use a quality rubber headed mallet to firmly and carefully tap the stake head of your tent perpendicularly into the ground, at about a 90-degree angle. If the stake gets stuck along the way, you can soften the ground by putting in some moisture or pick a different spot that’s more forgiving. Gradually increase the driving force in hammering your stake. Once the stake is already buried for at least halfway into the ground, you may now put in more force to dig it in deeper to secure your tent firmly on the ground.

What are the best stakes to use for my tent?

While some tents already have built-in pegs, it may not be too secure. Stakes should generally be made of metal steel alloys that won’t break easily once your hammer them on firm ground. Some stake hammers come with complimentary stakes that match their quality and durability, which will make a great tandem for pitching up your tent. 

Plastic ones offer less security and may easily break if you hammer them, especially if you’re using heavy-duty hammers. The best tent pegs or stakes are made of titanium or steel with a V-shape, Y-shape, or screw-shaped body to penetrate hard ground easily.

What can I use if I don’t have a stake ready for my camping trip or in emergencies?

You can use heavy rocks that hold your tent or guy lines firmly to the ground. Heavy and large logs may also hold tent lines. If there are firm and thick branches on the ground, you can sharpen them and use them as pseudo pegs that you can drive into the ground using your dependable stake hammer.

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